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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Baar
Combustion Engines
TU Berlin, Germany
 Emmanuel Bouvier
Emmanuel Bouvier
Senior Engineer Performance & Systems Simulation Engineering
Honeywell Turbo Technologies
Dr.-Ing. Elias Chebli
Dr.-Ing. Elias Chebli
Turbocharger Aerodynamics Specialis, Development Turbocharger Captive
Daimler AG
 Sebastien Potteau
Sebastien Potteau
Engine and System Department Manager
Valeo Powertrain Systems
 Phil Wetzel
Phil Wetzel
Lead Engineer - Diesel Supercharger Development
Eaton Corporation
 Håkan Björnsson
Håkan Björnsson
Technical Specialist Gasoline and Diesel Boosting Systems
Volvo Cars Corporation

Advanced Downsizing & Turbocharging 2014

Innovative turbocharging concepts - Latest downsizing technology - News on simulation

Die Fachtagung gibt Einblicke in die aktuellsten Entwicklungen der  Aufladung von Verbrennungsmotoren. Dies beinhaltet globale politisch motivierte und marktorientierte Trends, innovative Auflade- und Downsizingkonzepte und -designs. Einen Schwerpunkt bilden Turbolader, die durch elektrische Energie zugeschaltet werden können, einen weiteren Kühlkonzepte. Auch neue Materialien und Motorkomponenten, die den immer weiter ansteigenden Drücken und Temperaturen im Verbrennungsraum trotzen müssen, werden thematisiert. Konferenzsprache ist Englisch.

Due to the strict emission legislation the reduction of CO2 emissions is still one of the major challenges combustion engine development is facing. Boosting is seen as a key technology within combustion engine development to not only raise engine performance significantly but also to reduce fuel consumption and emission to fulfill upcoming emission regulations and to also improve dynamic aspects of drivability.

By using the downsizing technology the reduction of the numbers of cylinders cubic capacity results in a higher boost pressure which on the one hand guarantees a better engine performance but also leads to a higher thermomechanical load which is seen as a big challenge for involved engine components.

In this conference you will:

  • Discover the new evaluation of turbocharger components bases on turbine outlet temperature measurements in adiabatic conditions
  • Learn about the super-turbo boosting system of the VEP HP engine and find out about the drivers behind the chosen concept
  • Gain insight into GTD - the new family of HTT VNTTM turbocharger for EU6 and beyond and learn about background & EU6 regulation up to 2017+
  • Find out about latest developments of an asymmetric turbocharger for commercial vehicle diesel engines and its main design features and functional validation
  • Discover the potential of electric supercharger as the possibly best solution for strong downsizing without compromising the fun for drive

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